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Who We Help:

Early Career

Meet Caroline

Age: 28
Occupation: Lawyer

Caroline is a high earning second year associate at a corporate law firm. She has modest expenses outside of rent, a car loan and a student loan payment. With her strong income and prudent spending, Caroline is increasing her investable assets each month. Now, she wants to find out what to do next.

Caroline Understands That She Needs To… 

 Make an effective savings plan early on in her career
 Utilize the power of compounding to dramatically increase her savings
 Take full advantage of her employer-sponsored benefits
 Take the right steps towards saving for a home purchase
 Manage and pay off her student loan debt in the most advantageous way

How Did We Help?

Financial Overview

We completed a comprehensive review of Caroline’s finances. We created financial statements to assess her monthly income versus her expenses (known as an income statement) and evaluate her current net worth. We made sure Caroline “paid herself first,” meaning how much she was saving was not simply what was leftover after expenses. Instead, savings would be put aside first, and the excess became the basis for her monthly spending plan.

Holistic Financial Planning

We continue to be Caroline’s sounding board on all things career and financial. When she was looking for a new car, we helped evaluate and recommended auto financing options. When she had a question about her taxes, we recommended an accountant. We look forward to providing those services and more as Caroline continues to advance in her career and in life.

401(k) & Employer Benefits

We made sure Caroline was making the right decisions with her 401(k), putting the right amount aside and investing it properly. Additionally, we educated Caroline on the power of utilizing an HSA and reviewed other employer benefits.

Financial Goal Setting & Strategizing

We spoke with Caroline about her plans for homeownership. Together, we made a savings and investment plan so she would have a down payment available in two to three years, right when she’s ready to buy.

Career Counseling

We were able to talk Caroline through the pros and cons of a job offer she received from a competing firm. Our team offered advice on goal setting and helped Caroline prepare for her annual review. 

Student Loan Repayment

We reviewed Caroline’s student debt. With her new higher income, Caroline was able to refinance at very favorable terms. Her new loan allows her to realize significant savings by paying it off more quickly and at a lower interest rate. 

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