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Who We Help:
About to Retire

Meet Gary and Karen

Age: 60 / 57
Occupation: Chief Technology Officer at a medical device company / Retired teacher

Gary and Karen have two children, Chris and Casey, ages 25 and 22. Both Chris and Casey have graduated from college and are approaching financial independence. Gary wants to retire in the next five years, and he and Karen want to know what their finances will look like in retirement. They have been fortunate in their life and careers, and now want to know how to translate that success into a comfortable and rewarding post-work lifestyle.

Gary and Karen Know That They...

Have substantial retirement and non-retirement assets, including appreciated stock and stock options.


They haven’t done much work on how those assets will translate into income in retirement.

How Did We Help?

Sterneck Capital has extensive experience in addressing the issues surrounding the transition from working life to retired life.


First, we did a deep dive into what their expenses, both necessary and aspirational, would be in retirement. Next, we took a close look at their investments and what income and returns they could anticipate from those assets. We used that information, along with expectations of income from Social Security and pensions, to create a financial plan to give them clarity on what their potential income would be retirement. Our planning helped them to set realistic charitable and legacy goals as well gave them comfort they would be able to live the retirement lifestyle they dreamed of. 

Investment Management

Sterneck made adjustments to their investment portfolio. We added investment vehicles that generate returns independent of the stock and bond markets allowing for more consistent and stable income. These adjustments allowed Gary and Karen to be comfortable with what their income could be and not worry about how market fluctuations might affect their retirement.

and Estate

We reviewed their will and estate and ensured that their assets are structured to provide the legacy they desire.

Tax Planning
and Mitigation

Sterneck was able to put a plan in place to reduce the tax exposure on Gary’s appreciated stock. We also connected them with an accountant specializing in pre- and post-retirement tax planning and quarterbacked the development of a tax plan to ensure future distributions were done in the most tax-efficient way.


Gary accumulated significant stock and options exposure to his employer over the years and had generated significant wealth from the position. However, now that he is retiring, he wanted greater diversification and more limited downside risk. Sterneck conceived and initiated an options strategy to hedge his risk and allow him to diversify his holdings in a tax efficient manner. 

You’re Ready to Retire.

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