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2021 Personal Strategy Reset Thumbnail

2021 Personal Strategy Reset

Author: Robin Sterneck, President

Whether we are working, retired, raising families or pets, we are all more productive and effective when we have a plan. Early this year, most of us set some goals for 2021, the first of which may have been to “just make it better than the chaos, fear and pain of 2020”. The others were for self or business improvements, aspirations and success targets of many types. We set them with enthusiasm and a commitment to turning goal setting into goal getting.

As we pass through the first quarter of the new year, time is passing but we have learned a lot. We know what we were changed by the 2020 Experience and if we self-reflect, we know if we have made any progress on our 2021 goals. We may even now know that the foundational strategies for our business, our teams or ourselves need a reset. All of this is enlightening and an opportunity to intentionally move from our current personal or corporate reality toward our immediate or longer-term, bold goals.

Similar to running a strong business, the keys to enjoying your hard-earned life and being fiscally responsible include having a financial plan, even if it changes over time. The graphic below flexes a time-tested strategic planning model designed by McKinsey into a tool you can use for personal and professional strategic planning. As a member of your Personal Board of Directors, Sterneck Capital can help.