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Failing To Plan Is Planning To FAIL! 

There has been groundbreaking advances in Financial Planning software in the last 5 years. Not long ago a financial plan was obsolete almost as soon as it was created. 

Today's financial plan is a dynamic report, that evolves with you. Planning software provides custom advice and insight on the best retirement decisions for you. 

Set A Meeting

Sterneck Capital offers a complimentary financial planning appointment to provide projections on income in retirement and to answer all your retirement questions.

Information we offer in this meeting includes:

  • Based on our return expectations and your expenses is it reasonable for you to retire now?
  • Is it smart to pay off your mortgage or other debt at retirement? 
  • Demonstrate tax savings opportunities that can significantly increase retirement cash flow.
  • Give guidance on Social Security timing and other important and unchangeable one time decisions. 
  • And More .....