Sterneck Capital’s Financial Planning Checklist

Thomas J. Stanley, PhD. and William D. Danko, PhD’s New York Times Best Seller The Millionaire Next Door in part outlines research indicating common denominators of the affluent.  They recommend the following behaviors in the quest to build and maintain wealth: plan and adhere to a household budget; know how much your family spends annually on food, clothing and shelter; have clearly defined daily, weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime goals; and spend time planning your family’s financial future.

We at Sterneck Capital have long observed the positive impact of goal- setting, financial planning and positive investor behaviors. These actions compliment the investment portfolios we design to address clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals.

Using a Planning Checklist when initiating a financial plan may be of value to persons new to the planning process.  A high level checklist is provided below. If your financial planning needs are more complex and/or you need scenario analysis support to derive good investor decisions, contact us at 816-268-2254.

Click here for Sterneck Capital’s Planning Checklist