2019 April Newsletter

Sterneck Capital reviews 1Q2019 market activity.  Read this quarter’s newsletter for insight.  Additional items include:

  • Updated disclosures
  • Definition of an accredited investor
  • Private investment updates for SCM accredited investors

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2019 January Newsletter

Read this quarter’s newsletter for a Sterneck Capital Management update and an overview of  4Q 2018 market volatility.  Additional topics:

  • Introduction to Austin Drake, Sterneck’s newest team member
  • Overview of Sterneck’s Open Architecture approach with accounting, trust and estate, insurance,  legal and other planning advisors
  • Insights to investor behavior and Sterneck’s investment strategies targeted to reduce portfolio risk

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2018 October Newsletter

Read this quarter’s newsletter for perspective regarding recent market activity and a Sterneck Capital Management update.  

Information regarding recent tax changes and donor advised funds is also provided.

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2018 July Newsletter

Read this quarter’s newsletter to understand drivers behind the recent wide swings in market activity, historical market movement, and Sterneck Capital’s perspective.     

Topics include:   

    • Reflection of 2Q18 market activity
    • Educational preview of The Hierarchy of Investor Needs described in Morgan Housel’s article The Psychology of Money
    • Overview of Wealthy Investor Behaviors as reported in The Millionaire Next Door – The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D

2018 April Newsletter

Following an extended hiatus, volatility has returned to the equity market.  Read this quarter’s newsletter to understand drivers behind the increase in volatility, historical market movement, and Sterneck Capital’s perspective.     

Additional topics of interest include:   

  • Reflection of 1Q market activity
  • Evolving SCM views on ETFs
  • Update on cash transfer requirements, and
  • Introduction to a new beneficiary project.

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2018 January Newsletter

What a year!  Entering 2017, a majority of investors may have predicted that a contentious political environment at home, a hostile geo-political situation abroad and a more hawkish Fed would have led to a year of little upside. Read how and why the equities market surprised the pundits.  

Topics of interest include:   

  • 4Q Market Activity and 2017 In Review
  • 529 Rule Extension For Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Client Protection Procedures for Wire Requests
  • Why we are using more Mutual Funds
  • 2018 Investor Call Dates

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2017 October Newsletter

One of our favorite Warren Buffet quotes is that “investing is simple, but not easy”. What does this mean?  Read this quarter’s newsletter to find out. 

Topics of interested include:   

  • 3Q market activity update
  • Weathering the storm:  reinsurance investments
  •  Sterneck Capital Management’s recent community stewardship
  • Planning for the unexpected

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2017 July Newsletter

The S&P 500 has been trading at the “high-end of fair value” for some time.  What does this mean?  Read this quarter’s newsletter to find out. 

Topics of interested include:   

  • 2Q Market Activity Update
  • Historical Perspective of the S&P 500
  •  Sterneck Capital Management’s Community Outreach

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2017 April Newsletter

Has the transition of power in Washington DC impacted the market?  Read this quarter’s newsletter for an overview of: 

  • 1Q market activity update
  • Sterneck Capital’s perspective of “index orphans”
  • Scaling ideas to find income generating assets with low market correlation

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2017 January Newsletter

2016 is over.  What’s to come? 

Is it time to partner with a trusted investment advisor?  Review our January 2017 newsletter for a glimpse into our thinking and investment approach.  You’ll see why our expertise is trusted by so many.

This quarter’s newsletter covers the following:

  • Our take on 2016
  • Thoughts on 2017
  • Sterneck Value Opportunity’s fund strategies expanded to individual client accounts
  • Women’s Educational Series Road Trip to Saint Louis

Also – check out Sterneck Capital’s footprint map!  If we aren’t servicing clients in your state yet, contact us.  We might be able to change that.

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