Bunching Tax Strategy & Donor-Advised Funds

Learn how the bunching tax strategy paired with donor-advised funds allows you to consistently support your favorite charities while still enjoying the tax benefits associated with charitable giving.


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Sterneck Capital’s Financial Planning Checklist

Thomas J. Stanley, PhD. and William D. Danko, PhD’s New York Times Best Seller The Millionaire Next Door in part outlines research indicating common denominators of the affluent.  They recommend the following behaviors in the quest to build and maintain wealth: plan and adhere to a household budget; know how much your family spends annually on food, clothing and shelter; have clearly defined daily, weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime goals; and spend time planning your family’s financial future.

We at Sterneck Capital have long observed the positive impact of goal- setting, financial planning and positive investor behaviors. These actions compliment the investment portfolios we design to address clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals.

Using a Planning Checklist when initiating a financial plan may be of value to persons new to the planning process.  A high level checklist is provided below. If your financial planning needs are more complex and/or you need scenario analysis support to derive good investor decisions, contact us at 816-268-2254.

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Tax Reform Resource

Following is a resource link to help clients better understand the recent tax reform changes.

This is general information and not intended to be individualized guidance.  For specific questions, contact your tax professional.

Join our team! Seeking Client Service Associate

Sterneck Capital Management is seeking an experienced and motivated Client Service Associate to help meet our key objectives of providing world-class client service and growing assets under management. Our Client Service Associate will provide daily non-advice service to external clients as well administrative support to internal team members. The ideal candidate for this job is resourceful, a good problem solver, detail-oriented, organized and values accuracy and effective relationships. The ability to multi-task and assure a steady completion of workload in a confidential, complaint and timely manner is key to success in this position.

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Credit Report Self-Monitoring

Recent data breach activity has prompted  attention to cyber security and identity protection options. Purchasing identify theft protection, freezing one’s credit and/or taking advantage of Equifax’s offer for free one-year Identity Theft Protection and Credit File Monitoring are personal choices.

At a minimum, Sterneck Capital Management encourages clients to remain educated on potential identity fraud issues and options at hand.  We also encourage clients to take prudent steps to self-monitor their credit report activity by taking advantage of the free credit reports available annually from each of the credit reporting companies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian).   

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of these nationwide credit reporting companies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months. Consider requesting a free report on a rotating and regular basis every four months (example:  Equifax in September, Experian in January, TransUnion in May).

There can be a lot of misinformation found on social media and talk shows. Take steps to ensure the sources of your information are reputable and accurate.  The following links provide specific updates on the recent breech directly from Equifax, as well as report-monitoring options and guidance from government sites

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We Are Honored!

Dear Clients — We thank you for allowing us to be your trusted advisor for the past 25+ years, now in:

  • 26 states and
  • 4 countries, serving
  • Fortune 400 Executives,
  • Large & Small Business Owners,
  • Legal & Medical Professionals,
  • Non-Profit Servants,
  • Farmers & Ranchers , and
  • Dedicated Family Investors

As a result of introductions made by satisfied clients, Sterneck Capital’s footprint is vast. With team members located across 6 states, we are honored to be your trusted advisor and dedicate ourselves to ongoing client-centric excellence.

Know someone who may value our expertise in a state we are not yet servicing?  Let us know, we may be able to change that.

Empowered Women & Their Well Being – Educational Event

An educational and social event just for the ladies is planned for Tuesday, October 25th, 2016!  

Enrich your nutrition, health and financial stability.  Join us from 5pm – 7pm for an interactive evening with author Joan O’Keefe, and registered investment advisors Laura Greenbaum and Robin Sterneck. 

The 5 Pillars of Well-Being will be highlighted with specific focus on dietary and financial awareness tools.  Enjoy appetizers and cocktails while learning how to become empowered to age gracefully, invest intelligently and live vibrantly.     

Please RSVP by emailing info@sterneckcapital.com or calling our office at 816-531-2254.



Sterneck Capital’s Latest Non-Correlation Option: AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund

As we continue a conscious pursuit of non-correlation within investment portfolios, we have recently added a new position broadly across numerous accounts.

AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund

Designed as a market neutral strategy, AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund (QMNIX), seeks to achieve positive rates of return over a full market cycle, regardless of the conditions or direction of the general market. The fund intentionally seeks to position itself in both long and short equity and equity like positions, to remain as un-correlated as possible to global equity markets. QMNIX is able to achieve this by looking globally at broad asset allocations and security selections by using three criteria:

  • Value indicators to identify investments that appear under-valued based on systematic fundamental metrics.
  • Momentum indicators to identify emerging directional trends, both positive and negative.
  • Quality indicators to identify stable companies with profitability and stable earnings.

Using value, momentum and quality metrics, the fund individually scores a large universe of stocks, then buys the top decile, and shorts the bottom decile. This long-short, market neutral strategy is the source of non-correlation. But, their systematic approach is a very different than most fundamentally driven long-short funds. It is the systematic nature of their process that removes impact of manager discretion and allows true non-correlation to emerge.

For details, see AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund Fact Sheet @ https://funds.aqr.com/~/media/files/fact-sheets/emnmfi.pdf

Weathering The Storm: Observing Non-Correlation

Last month’s newsletter previewed our Non-Correlation Strategy, which pursues investments that behave independent of the traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.  The market volatility in August and September provided a useful stress test for the strategy.  Despite the domestic market being down nearly 11% toward the end of August, our no-correlated strategy performed as expected.   Review the linked analysis to review the encouraging results:

August-Sept 2015 Analysis Updated10192015

Cocktails & Non-Correlation Event August 6th

Join us Thursday, August 6th from 5:30pm-7:30pm to hear from our Portfolio Managers on the importance of non-correlation in a rising environment. 

Signature drinks  will be served while we speak on the timeliness of non-correlation within investment portfolios, a topic of great interest to us as we seek to insulate portfolios from market risk while compounding capital at meaningful rates.

We believe our insight on this topic is unique within the industry, thus we are eager to share.

 Please RSVP by emailing info@sterneckcapital.com or calling our office at 816-531-2254.

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