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Sterneck Capital’s Latest Non-Correlation Option: AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund

As we continue a conscious pursuit of non-correlation within investment portfolios, we have recently added a new position broadly across numerous accounts. AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund Designed as a market neutral strategy, AQR Equity Market Neutral Fund (QMNIX), seeks to achieve positive rates of return over a full market cycle, regardless of the conditions […]

2016 April Newsletter

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3Q2015 Newsletter

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Weathering The Storm: Observing Non-Correlation

Last month’s newsletter previewed our Non-Correlation Strategy, which pursues investments that behave independent of the traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.  The market volatility in August and September provided a useful stress test for the strategy.  Despite the domestic market being down nearly 11% toward the end of August, our no-correlated […]

Sterneck Capital’s Market Reaction? Patience

A note from Sterneck Capital Management’s Investment Committee: First, we feel it is important to frame the recent pullback by placing it in the context of the total market move during this current six-year bull run. From the 2009 low to recent highs, the broad market has moved up 217%. The recent pullback was 15%. […]

Chinese Yuan Revaluation

There has been a lot of news in the press in the last two days regarding the decision by the Chinese government to devalue their currency against the US dollar. As a result, we have gotten a number of incoming calls from clients regarding this news and what the relevance is to their portfolios.  Some […]

Cocktails & Non-Correlation Event August 6th

Join us Thursday, August 6th from 5:30pm-7:30pm to hear from our Portfolio Managers on the importance of non-correlation in a rising environment.  Signature drinks  will be served while we speak on the timeliness of non-correlation within investment portfolios, a topic of great interest to us as we seek to insulate portfolios from market risk while compounding capital […]

2Q15 Newsletter

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