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2019 October Newsletter

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”  Read this quarter’s newsletter to learn why you might want want to teach your children and grandchildren about Compound Interest.   Newsletter topics: How and why many companies […]

2019 July Newsletter-

Read this quarter’s newsletter for an introduction to themed writings titled “Retirement Renderings”.  Renderings is a word that relates to the blueprint or designed path to retirement.  Having a blueprint (financial plan) is relevant to enhancing our partnership with clients.   Newsletter topics: The advisor evolution for the individual investor  Value of organization and planning […]

Wealth & Retirement Planning Simplified

Sterneck Capital can help simplify your wealth and retirement planning with software that creates a personal financial dashboard just for you.  To take control of your financial world, contact us @ 816-531-2254 for details.    

Women & Retirement Planning

Women and men learn, lead and think about our economic lives differently. Now is the time for women to be making well-informed decisions about their  hard-earned wealth. Read the linked evidence below noting why Retirement Planning differences occur between the genders.

2019 April Newsletter

Sterneck Capital reviews 1Q2019 market activity.  Read this quarter’s newsletter for insight.  Additional items include: Updated disclosures Definition of an accredited investor Private investment updates for SCM accredited investors Click here for April 2019 Newsletter

2019 January Newsletter

Read this quarter’s newsletter for a Sterneck Capital Management update and an overview of  4Q 2018 market volatility.  Additional topics: Introduction to Austin Drake, Sterneck’s newest team member Overview of Sterneck’s Open Architecture approach with accounting, trust and estate, insurance,  legal and other planning advisors Insights to investor behavior and Sterneck’s investment strategies targeted to […]

2018 July Newsletter

Read this quarter’s newsletter to understand drivers behind the recent wide swings in market activity, historical market movement, and Sterneck Capital’s perspective.      Topics include:    Reflection of 2Q18 market activity Educational preview of The Hierarchy of Investor Needs described in Morgan Housel’s article The Psychology of Money Overview of Wealthy Investor Behaviors as reported in The […]

Sterneck Capital’s Financial Planning Checklist

Thomas J. Stanley, PhD. and William D. Danko, PhD’s New York Times Best Seller The Millionaire Next Door in part outlines research indicating common denominators of the affluent.  They recommend the following behaviors in the quest to build and maintain wealth: plan and adhere to a household budget; know how much your family spends annually […]